Saturday, July 24, 2010


I would definitely include this film in my category of quintessential and would urge anyone thinking of going to see it to do so before too much buzz leads to people mentioning spoilers! As much as I like movies, I don't venture out to the theatre that often but felt compelled to see this when I saw the trailer and was not disappointed!

Trailer #3, the one that made me run out to see it!

The soundtrack for this is Hans Zimmer

One of Edith Piaf's songs is used in the film, in more ways than one...
(not a spoiler but this makes more sense after you've seen it)

Leo Dicaprio

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Marion Cotillard

Tom Hardy

Ken Watanabe

Ellen Page

Cillian Murphy

My only disappointment with the film was not seeing more of Michael Caine!

-> Live stream of movie premiere
(interviews with cast on red carpet as well as a performance of awesome soundtrack)

Webcam chat at Ustream

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